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Well here we are – a new year, a new start. Even better, new products!

Both Jen and I have been hunting nonstop for new equipment so that we can continue to provide you guys with amazing products that you can’t get anywhere else. And we think we did it again! Here at Giftwise we are able to provide you not only with the full color, full wrap tumblers that have been appearing on our Facebook page, but we can extend that capability to a multitude of other products as well, including: Shirts, Coasters, Coffee Mugs, Hats, and so much more! If you haven’t already subscribed to our mailing list, be sure to do so now so that you can see these amazing products as we test them and release them to you wonderful people.

That’s not the only change though. We are also making some changes at our location inside Second Avenue Exchange as well. There will be featured items and exclusive clearance items in there as well. We are upping our mailing list game as well. Pretty soon, anyone subscribed to our mailing list will be able to access exclusive gifts and rewards available only to them! So, again, if you haven’t signed up – be sure to do so now!

We are now offering corporate discounts for bulk purchases. We are able to provide a variety of items that are perfect for trade shows, corporate gifts, incentive rewards, and employee giveaways. Just look for the Bulk sticker on available products.

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