Have a general question? Check out the information below before contacting us as your question may have already been answered. 

General Sales

Digital files are intangible products: Unlike physical products, digital files cannot be returned in the same way that a customer could return a shirt that doesn’t fit or a defective phone. Once a customer has downloaded a digital file, it is impossible for the company to get it back, meaning that a refund would essentially result in the customer receiving the product for free.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal.

General Support

All of our files offer a variety of formats including:

  • Hi-Res JPG
  • Hi-Res PNG
  • TIF
  • SVG
  • AI
  • LBRN
  • LBRN2
  • PDF
  • PSD

The file types depend on the file you are downloading. For example a file for a laser won’t include a JPG or PNG. Also, not all files include all file format. Be sure to read each item’s description to see what file formats are included. If you are unsure as to whether or not your software can handle certain file format, please contact us at igiftwise@gmail.com.

There are multiple ways to adjust designs to work with your material. Be sure to check out our Designing 101 page for tips, tricks, and tutorials. Information is added weekly.

The majority of our wood and acrylic is sourced from Smoky Hill Designs

Our luan is sourced from Lowes. (This is what the minibar is made from). Be careful, it chars easy.

For glue, we use Gorilla Super Glue from Walmart and Loktite Super Glue w/ Brush, also from Walmart.